9.9 SALE

8th-10th September (72 Hours Sale)

Grab our 9.9 Exclusive Bundle *Limited Edition

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  1. Goodness Bowl Bundle -12%
    Instant Oatmeal
    Goodness Bowl Bundle
    Now Only US$12.10 Regular Price US$13.70
  2. Amazin' Bestseller Bundle -80%
    Amazin' Bestseller Bundle
    Now Only US$13.30 Regular Price US$65.60
  3. Amazin' Apple Bundle -10%
    Gifts + Bundles
    Amazin' Apple Bundle
    Now Only US$14.30 Regular Price US$15.85
  4. Brownie Chips Bundle -10%
    Gifts + Bundles
    Brownie Chips Bundle
    Now Only US$21.30 Regular Price US$23.70
  5. Trail Mix Bundle -15%
    Gifts + Bundles
    Trail Mix Bundle
    Now Only US$37.90 Regular Price US$44.70
  6. Bundle of 5 Granola -15%
    Gifts + Bundles
    Bundle of 5 Granola
    Now Only US$84.60 Regular Price US$99.50