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Meet the Team

Ever wonder who's behind the scenes of all our Amazin' Snacks?

Amy Zheng, CEO

I love singing and performing arts and dream of being in musicals; you can't shut me up in karaokes

Sabrina How, COO

I love my red bean soup very much to the point we nearly developed something similar to it.

Bella, Digital Designer

A barista who doesn't always drink coffee...but you can definitely trust me to make you a nice cuppa!

Lynn, Mar Comms

Consistently working out and snacking. Not sure if it makes a difference. #YOLO

Lucy, Human Resources

I am a combo of book worm + mermaid + tiger - if you get what I mean!

Samantha, Business Development

I'm a serial shopper and I own more than 200 pairs of shoes.... still counting!

SiNing, B2C Fulfilment

Nearly went bananas in 2014 when I survived a 50km hike, across Hong Kong Island, by eating 14 bananas.

Yien Wei, Digital Marketing

I love matcha but I get a little TOO hyper every time I drink it

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