Coconut Curry Lime Nut Mix


Curried pecans and cashews roasted with fragrant coconut and lime. Enjoy a delightful burst of flavours in this antioxidant-rich, high fibre snack that keeps you energized all day.




Workout Recovery

Digestive Support



Cashew, Pecans, Pepita Seed, Organic Molasses, Coconut Shreds, Lime Juice, Curry Powder, Curry Leaves, Egg White Powder, Canola oil, Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt.

Pecans are low in carbs, high in fibre, and loaded with nutrients that improves digestion, boosts immunity and prevents skin problems.
Often mistaken as tree nuts, cashews are actually seeds that are rich in fibre, protein, and selenium that is good for our skin.
Pumpkin seeds have high levels of essential fatty acids that help maintain healthy blood vessels and lower unhealthy cholesterol in the blood.
Packed with fibre, calcium, phosphorous, irons and various vitamins, curry leaves help fights infections and can enliven your hair and skin with vitality.

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  1. Unique & delicious
    A very interesting flavour, not commonly found in other nut brands. Makes snacking the plain boring nuts a treat!

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  2. Favourite snacks!
    My favourite snacks to have after a long day of work. Simply delicious and full of flavour. Great with a cup of tea. Makes you feel like you've chosen the right snack.

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  3. Delicious Asian flavoured nuts
    Delicious Asian flavoured nuts

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