Brain Health Bundle

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For a Clear & Focused Mind

Begin your day with our stimulating Brain Health Bundle. 

Packed with antioxidants and a focus bend of brain-boosting superfoods, this functional bundle will certainly Refresh Your Mind and Enhance Your Wellness.

For added benefits, combine your immunity-boosting Apple Cinnamon Goodness Bowl, with your anti-inflammatory Cacao Berry Granola with Lion's Mane, drizzle it with silky-smooth high-protein Almond Butter, and finally top it with your Antioxidant Berry Trail Mix. 

It’s the ultimate bundle thoughtfully curated to help protect your brain against oxidative stress (/improve brain functions and productivity), whilst improving your overall well-being.


What's in it?

1x Cacao Berry Granola with Lion's Mane 250g

1x Apple Cinnamon Goodness Bowl Instant Oatmeal 6x40g

1x Smooth Almond Butter 200g

1x Antioxidant Berry Trail Mix 130g



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Now Only US$62.90 Regular Price US$78.30


1x Cacao Berry Granola 250g 1x Apple Cinanamon Goodness Bowl 240g 1x Almond Butter 200g FREE 1x Antioxidant Trail Mix 130g

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