Welcome the new decade with better dreams and great start to a better you! This 2020, Amazin' Graze want to encourage everyone to achieve their resolutions. We want to educate the public that living a healthy lifestyle is very much achievable, even with a hectic schedule. With that, we launched our "A Better Me Is Coming" campaign and partnered with multiple wellness brands to make this amazing! We have two all-inclusive bundles, called Start Right and Start Strong - each serving its own unique purpose. 



We created an exclusive eco-friendly Yoga Mat, using only the best materials to give all of you excellent grip and firm cushioning for stability to have both a blissful and non-toxic experience. We’ve also partnered with Mossery, an incredible local brand to come up with an exclusive 2020 Planner just for you, featuring a weekly horizontal thread bound planner which is suitable for daily journaling and ample space to spare for your task oriented needs. With POPStore Singapore, we also wanted to provide you the self care you need. Together, we curated the perfect supplement pack for you - Vitamin C for your everyday overall body needs, B-Complex for energy production and Gingko Biloba to benefit the mind. Other than caring for yourselves, we should all care just as much for your environment too - which is why we partnered with The Hive to provide you with the first step of reducing - a metal straw set. 


To help you get started on your fitness journey, we partnered with 6 of the best gyms in Klang Valley to provide you a range of unique fitness classes - ultimately helping you to achieve your fitness goals. Experience a full week of the open gym in ANYTIME FITNESS, an incredible mind-body healing experience at OHANAJO STUDIO, a high intensity session at CROSSFIT PAHLAWAN, an all around luxurious fitness experience with ÉPIQUE+ FITNESS, a killer boxing workout at TRIBE, and a unique ballet-inspired class with BARRE-D


Besides that, we also carefully selected a handful of the best wellness brands, and worked with them to provide you the best offers. With all these benefits at the tip of your hands, you are on your way to achieving the best version of yourselves. Our philosophy - becoming a better you is all about taking small steps and forming great habits.  It's about not giving up when you fail but having the courage to restart every morning.


With these all-inclusive bundles of superfood snacks, vitamins, exclusive merchandise, fitness passes and amazin' vouchers from your favourite brands... This is the time to be the best version of yourself.


Find out more about our gym partners here, and the amazing offers you can get from these brands here.