Welcome, Nut Butter Nutters!

In our last post, we talked about how natural stone ground nut butters compare to commercial peanut butters. I hope you’ve been able to get to know our new family members, the Amazin’ Nut Butters – if you haven’t, click here to get up close and personal!


Today we’re bringing you an easy recipe made extra delicious by using some Amazin’ Nut Butter. Stone ground nut butters are silky smooth, making them ideal for blending seamlessly into the liquid consistency of a smoothie. The nut butter lends flavour without being too overwhelming, and adds good protein, fibre, and healthy fat to make the smoothie more satiating – which means it will keep you full and satisfied for longer!

This smoothie is perfect for breakfast or a mid-meal snack. Chocolatey and creamy, it hits the sweet spot and leaves you wondering how something so rich can also be healthy – but it is!


Chocolate Nut Butter Smoothie

Prep time: 2 minutes      Cook time: 1 minute       Makes: 2 cups



2 chopped frozen bananas

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tbsp All Natural Almond Butter

1 cup almond milk (use regular milk or soymilk for extra protein!)

1 tbsp flax/chia seeds (optional)


Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.


It’s that easy! Feel free to substitute the almond butter for cashew butter or ABC butter – equally delicious and nutritious! Have the whole recipe (2 cups) for breakfast, or share half with a friend for an appropriate snack portion of 1 cup.

We have another yummy nut butter recipe lined up for you later this week, so stay tuned! Until then – visit our store to get your own Amazin' Nut Butter and get your blender going!

Bottoms up!