"Functional Health" - what's that?  It's ensuring that you're in optimal - well - functional health! Important in maintaining a good quality of life and defending against any illnesses, it can be done most easily just by switching up your daily routine and making healthier choices.

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? We'll make it simple for you:

1. Eat Right

If you are what you eat, you bet we're nourishing our bodies what it needs and deserves. This could mean consuming mostly natural wholefoods, fruits and vegetables and limiting your intake of processed foods high in sugar and fat. But of course, moderation is key and yes you should eat that occasional slide of chocolate cake to feed your soul!

Wanna make it even easier? Check out our targeted range of Functional Granolas, with new superfoods and unique flavours that'll make you think twice about how healthy = boring. Suffer from tummy issues? Check out our gut-friendly Fig & Chai with Prebiotics. Suffering from brain fog? Have some of our Cacao Berry Granola with Lion’s Mane.

2. Sleep Well

We're sure you’ve heard this countless times before but sleep is your best friend. Your body needs this time to reset and repair all the stress it was put through during the day. Getting a deep shut eye can help control our overall gut health, promote emotional health as well as mental wellness.

3. Move More

Whether you're dancing in your room to your favourite Spotify playlist or (literally) running away from deadlines, any form of physical movement is welcome. There is, however, functional fitness exercises that specifically help train your mobility and build muscle or bone density to protect and stretch your physical body.

In a nutshell...

Fuelling your body with the right nutrients, proper rest and exercise can improve your overall Functional Health. Understand your body’s needs and learn how to enhance it with these 3 easy steps!