Want to know how to deal with sugar cravings without going on a major sugar detox? Read on!

3 scoops with different kinds of brown and white sugar in cubes and in granulated form

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It’s after lunch, and that itch has begun. Images pop into your mind – a gooey chocolate bar, a spoonful of melty ice cream, a refreshing sip of cold soda.

Your body wants sugar, and it wants sugar NOW.

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What do you do when this happens to you? Here’s how to deal with sugar cravings – and scratch that sugar itch once and for all!

Eat a good breakfast

Healthy breakfast spread - egg & tomato sandwich, hardboiled egg, fresh fruits, bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit, jug of milk, and glass of orange juice

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Research has shown that skipping breakfast can lead to energy crashes, cravings, and overeating later in the day. So start the day right with a good balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat! Besides, you’ll get to enjoy all the additional benefits of eating breakfast!

Don’t think of any food as ‘forbidden’

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Ever told a child they’re NOT allowed to touch something? Instantly, it becomes the only thing they want to touch! As much as we would like to believe we grow out of this tendency…we don’t. So, try to retrain yourself to think of all foods as ALLOWED (even if it’s only in small amounts)!

Go for the next best thing

Two glasses full of vegan strawberry ice cream with fresh berries on the table

Image source: Elephantastic Vegan

Try looking for healthy foods that hit the same flavours as the ones you crave. Craving strawberry ice cream? Try blending a frozen banana with a tub of low fat strawberry yogurt instead. Or, just pick up some decadent Hazelnut Blackforest Granola for that chocolatey fix!

Indulge, but in small portions

Chocolate cake in white ramekin on white square plate with fresh strawberries on the side

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Once in a while, go ahead and just enjoy the foods you crave! But, be sure to portion a serving out before you eat to avoid overdoing it. A good strategy is to eat the food together with healthier options, so it feels like you’re eating lots! For example, mix some dark chocolate chips with almonds to crunch on, or top a scoop of ice cream with lots of fresh fruit and nuts.

Bonus – the additional protein, fiber, and healthy fat from the healthy food will help to prevent a sugar rush (and eventual crash)!

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