Gut Health Bundle

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For a Healthy, Balanced & Nourished Gut 

Looking to improve your digestion and lower inflammation, then this Gut Health Bundle is just what you need. This comes after months of endless research and creative development from our R&D team.

Reset your Gut and Enhance your Wellness with a bundle that come perfectly together to promote optimal gut health by preventing digestive issues like bloating and indigestion.

You will find all kinds of nature’s superfoods in this bundle. From the natural-prebiotic Chicory Root Fibre in our Fig and Chai Granola, 100% natural Beetroot in our Pink Berry Goodness Bowl, a mixture of 3 nutritious nuts in our ABC Nut Butter, and finally an anti-inflammatory blend of spices in our Immunity Boosting Trail Mix.

Now you can integrate wellness into your busy lifestyle through a gut-healthy diet. 


What's in it?

1x Fig & Chai Granola with Prebiotic 250g

1x Pink Berry Goodness Bowl Instant Oatmeal 6x40g

1x ABC Nut Butter 200g

1x Immunity Booster Trail Mix 130g


Now Only US$65.90 Regular Price US$82.60


1x Fig & Chai Granola 250g 1x Pink Berry Goodness Bowl 240g 1x ABC Butter 200g FREE 1x Immunity Booster Trail Mix 130g

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