Variety Box

Get a box for your friends, or for yourself!

Discover all of our amazin’ granolas and nut mixes in convenient variety boxes, so you don’t have to choose which to try first.
Discover Our Amazin’ Snacks
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  1. Festive Granola Box New
    Festive Granola Box
  2. Merry Gift Box New
    Variety Box
    Merry Gift Box
  3. Amazin' Apple Bundle -10%
    Variety Box
    Amazin' Apple Bundle
    Now Only HK$135.00 Regular Price HK$150.00
  4. Variety Box
    Jute Bag
  5. Goodness Bowl Bundle -11%
    Goodness Bowl
    Goodness Bowl Bundle
    Now Only HK$120.00 Regular Price HK$135.00
  6. Amazin' Starter Bundle -10%
    Amazin' Starter Bundle
    Now Only HK$215.00 Regular Price HK$239.00
  7. Variety Box
    Amazin’ Granola Variety Box
  8. Variety Box
    Amazin’ Nuts Variety Box
  9. Amazin' Bestseller Bundle -10%
    Amazin' Bestseller Bundle
    Now Only HK$180.00 Regular Price HK$200.00
  10. AG Merchandise
  11. Start Strong Bundle -24%
    Start Strong Bundle
    Now Only HK$460.00 Regular Price HK$608.00
    Out of stock