The best granola you’ll ever taste.

Crunchy and delicious granola packed to the brim with superfoods, freshly baked with 100% natural ingredients – perfect for a nutritious breakfast or a healthy snack.
Discover Our Amazin’ Snacks
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  1. Stay-at-Home Bundle New-40%
    Stay-at-Home Bundle
    Now Only RM98.00 Regular Price RM163.20
  2. Festive Granola Box New
    Festive Granola Box
  3. White Chocolate Cranberry Granola New
  4. Amazin' Apple Bundle -11%
    Variety Box
    Amazin' Apple Bundle
    Now Only RM45.90 Regular Price RM51.70
  5. Granolas
    Apple Crumble Granola
  6. Granolas
  7. Variety Box
  8. Amazin' Bestseller Bundle -10%
    Amazin' Bestseller Bundle
    Now Only RM59.00 Regular Price RM65.60
  9. Amazin' Starter Bundle -12%
    Amazin' Starter Bundle
    Now Only RM69.90 Regular Price RM79.80
  10. Granolas
    Mini Banana Bread Granola Bites
    RM24.50 - RM44.10
  11. Granolas
    Mini Blueberry Coconut Granola Bites
    RM24.50 - RM44.10
  12. Granolas
    Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Bites
    RM24.50 - RM44.10
  13. Granolas
    Mini Coconut Kaya Granola Bites
    RM24.50 - RM44.10
  14. Amazin' Care Box 2.0 -11%
    Amazin' Care Box 2.0
    Now Only RM39.90 Regular Price RM44.90
  15. Ultimate Snack Bundle -26%
    Nut Butter
    Ultimate Snack Bundle
    Now Only RM139.90 Regular Price RM189.00
  16. Amazin' Discovery Bundle -16%
    Amazin' Discovery Bundle
    Now Only RM79.90 Regular Price RM94.70
  17. AG Merchandise