Nut Butter

100% natural, 100% delicious.

Discover nut butters made from all-natural tree nuts, legumes, seeds, and absolutely zero additives or emulsifiers. Yes, it’s THAT creamy, all on its own!
Discover Our Amazin’ Snacks
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  1. Nut Butter
  2. Nut Butter
  3. Amazin' Protein Bundle -38%
    Amazin' Protein Bundle
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  4. Nut Butter
  5. Nut Butter
  6. Nut Butter
    Black Sesame Almond Butter
  7. Amazin' Birthday Bundle -26%
    Nut Butter
    Amazin' Birthday Bundle
    Now Only RM139.90 Regular Price RM189.00
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Why Choose Our Nut Butter

100% Natural

High in Protein

Vegan Friendly

How to enjoy

As Smoothie Toppings

On Vege Sticks

Straight From Jar