This is no ordinary snack

Available in a bundle of 5 or 10 packs, so you will never run out of daily snacks


Perfect portion for any occasions


Pick Me Up

Always have access to convenient snack options with snackpacks. Perfect portions for your everyday needs.


For the on-the-gos


Midday Snacking

Perfect for you or your family any time, whether it’s during a class break or for a nourishing office snack.


For the midday snackers


Lunchbox Fillers

Enjoy classic, locally-inspired flavours as a better alternative to naughty snacking choices, pack them in lunchboxes for a protein boost.


For the meal prep-pers


A Gift of Health

Send your loved ones a gift of health with our boxes filled with different flavours of our Minis, discover your ultimate favourite in this not-so-mini exploration!


For the gift buyers



Guilt-free Pleasure


Each mouth-watering snack is made from only the very best natural ingredients for an instant satisfying pick me up. Perfect right out of the bag or in your favourite recipe. Discover more ways to enjoy.


Graze Academy


Delightful Flavours


Snacking shouldn’t be complicated. We use classic Southeast Asian spices, fruits, and natural sweeteners to make our snacks a perfect anytime, anywhere treat. Discover our range of flavours, from sweet to savoury.


Discover our Ingredients

Discover Our Amazin’ Snacks
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