Protein Bundle

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For a Fitter, Stronger & Better You

Our ultimate Protein Bundle is loaded with essential macronutrients which help build and repair our muscles. 

In this bundle, you will find our new plant-based High Protein Chocolate Banana Goodness Bowl, our customer favourite anti-oxidant packed superfood Blueberry Goji Granola, our high quality and deliciously natural peanut butter (with no added oil, salt, or sugar), and finally a perfect blend of our Nutty Protein Trail Mix.

We love this combination as it has all the protein and fibre you need to keep you full, energised and focused throughout the day.


What's in it?

1x High Protein Goodness Bowl Instant Oatmeal 6x50g

1x Blueberry Goji Granola 250g

1x Chunky/Smooth Peanut Butter 350g*

1x Nutty Protein Trail Mix 130g

*Flavours are randomly selected 


Now Only US$58.60 Regular Price US$73.60
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