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Undeniably Healthy, Naturally Delicious
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  1. Amazin' Starter Bundle -15%
    Amazin' Starter Bundle
    Now Only US$20.30 Regular Price US$23.90
  2. Amazin' Bestseller Bundle -10%
    Amazin' Bestseller Bundle
    Now Only US$25.00 Regular Price US$27.80
  3. Goodness Bowl Bundle -10%
    Goodness Bowl Bundle
    Now Only US$18.80 Regular Price US$20.85
  4. Trail Mix Bundle -15%
    Trail Mix Bundle
    Now Only US$17.70 Regular Price US$20.85
  5. Bundle of 4 Nut Mixes -15%
    Bundle of 4 Nut Mixes
    Now Only US$20.20 Regular Price US$23.80
  6. Bundle of 4 Peanut Butter -15%
    Bundle of 4 Peanut Butter
    Now Only US$27.00 Regular Price US$31.80
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We can't find products matching the selection.
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Why are we Amazin’
Undeniably Healthy
Our snacks are made from 100% natural ingredients with absolutely no artificial additives. Cause your body deserves only the best, most wholesome foods.
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Inspired Flavours
Our amazin’ snacks are inspired by the flavours we’ve grown to love in Southeast Asia. Discover tropical superfoods and classic flavours with a fresh & healthy twist that will make your mouth water.
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Freshly Made
Our team works everyday to bake and package new batches of our snacks so that every product you get is guaranteed fresh.
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#TriedAndTasted by Real People Around the World
“I never loved oats better. Plus if soaked overnight in milk, they are perfectly ready for breakfast and taste heavenly.”
Manish Gayan
“Easy to bring around, ie road trips or on a plane. Mixture of both fruits and nuts, for a healthier option snacks. Tastes amazing!”
Shirlee Soo
“Bought it once to try and now I just want more! Good for breakfast, afternoon snack or even dessert as well!”
Jia Xin
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